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The Home of Ajax Baback Corainder

Where fantasies are made.

Books and Anthologies

Holidays cover


The Holidays are special, but everyone celebrates them differently.

People bake cakes, sing songs, and others make love. They celebrate with the ones they have, the ones they lost, and find new love to share.

Some days are meant for miracles.
Some days are meant for family.

And some days you have to find your own reasons to celebrate, but any day can be a special day, even just for a moment.

Plowed badger


10 stories, 10 foxes getting plowed or doing the plowing.

I have two stories in this. “The Fox Says Neigh” a pony play story and another one called “Weeping Bear Valley”, which is about a young fox coming to terms with his sexuality and getting plowed by a handsome daddy badger.

Altered States cover by Kuma

Altered States

Werewolves, shapeshifters, and stranger things can be found here; their bodies and minds twisting as they enter into various Altered States of being. This anthology is a celebration of transformation and transmutation in many different flavors. From a wife who wants her husband to find a new appreciation for the moon, to a soldier infected with an alien virus, to military experiments which have gone horribly wrong. (Or perhaps very right...) Altered States contains nine transformation themed stories to titillate and inspire all those who love the idea of shape changing and altered vistas. After all, who’s afraid of a little change?

I have one story in this called “Leverage”, it’s a story about a strange alien virus taking over a military base and the kangaroo solider who must try to escape from it.

A Mage's Tale cover

A Mage's Tale

Life never goes as you plan. Sometimes you imagine yourself never doing anything but reading your books in your tower alone, and the next moment you’re thrust in the middle of someone or something that changes your life for the better. This is a tale about a skunk mage named Arthur, the fireballs life can throw at you, and how you deal with it along the way.

This was a book that I attempted to get published, but I was still rather young when I wrote it, and doing so would have required massive re-writes. Eventually I decided to move onto other things, but I’m still very proud of how it turned out, so I wanted to put it up here.

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